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I hate anything to do with hospitals, doctors or anything medically related. I am a reluctant companion at meetings with consultants so when I was asked to come to a support group meeting the truth is that I didn’t want to go. Generally my partners condition was causing a degree of stress but I came away from the meeting a transformed person. My whole attitude changed within the course of a couple of hours. The home baking helped!


What transformed me was all these people who had an endocrine condition who were incredibly positive people and importantly to me had been living with it for a number of years.  I always assumed the worse in terms of the future but here was a room full of really positive laughing people.


I go to all the support meetings now and look forward to them. Friends find it strange that when they ask what I was up to I say I was at a support meeting last night and had a great time. You couldn’t get anybody much more fearful of medical things than me.


I particularly recommend it to carers as you can switch off to the medical talk if you want and speak to other carers with you seeing out of the corner of your eye all these people laughing and joking with an endocrine condition. I consider all these people my friends now and it has changed my whole perspective on things. If you are fearful just go for it I did and I am happier as a result.

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