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Many people find reading other peoples' stories helpful and inspiring. So we have shared a selection here, and of course please send us your story as it may well be helpful to others. 


Some people prefer to write blogs and you can click HERE to read Elizabeth's Blog - Smile Each and Every Day.


You can also read Linda's blog about MIBG Treatment HERE.

Our Founder: Ann's story

Ann a patient with NET Cancer

Ann was diagnosed with Carcinoid Syndrome in 2005. It is a tribute to her remarkable strength of character that she remained determined to continue leading as normal a life as she could. And for the most part she did. Of course, there had to be some concessions to her condition, and tiredness was often a consequence, but Ann continued to work, in demanding senior positions in the rail industry, even into the last few months of her life. Always selfless, Ann sought neither sympathy nor allowances, and it was remarkable that many people with whom Ann worked closely were entirely unaware of her illness.


Unbeknown to her closest family, Ann made this factor-of-fact account of her carcinoid experience. Never looking for sympathy this true and reflective account of her health is honest and open which she always wanted to share … but more importantly selflessly helping others in their time of need.

In her own words ….

Andy's story

My partner has an endocrine condition.

The Patient : Steven's story

Steven Walsh, NET Cancer Patient, cycling up the infamous Tour De France mountain - ‘Mont Ventoux’ in Provence in 2014, four years after his diagnosis.

Jonathan's story

In 1993 my wife Sue was diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer called a pheochromocytoma. At the time she was told that because the cancer had spread to her bones she would have at most six months.

Carolyn's story

Read Carolyn's account of her NETs journey.

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