Mind the Gap - Terms & Conditions

  • The free service can, of course, only be offered provided funding is available to meet our costs

  • The free counselling service is offered at the discretion of the service providers, Neuroendocrine Cancer UK (NCUK) and The Ann Edgar Charitable Trust (TAECT).

  • Applications will be assessed by our trained counsellors and will proceed if they assess counselling will be of benefit in each case, and is approved by them.

  • Initially, approved applicants will be offered up to four free sessions with a counsellor. Thereafter, applicants may continue counselling at their own discretion and cost.

  • Counselling sessions will be arranged between the counsellor and the applicant. NCUK & TAECT will not be involved in the administration of counselling sessions.

  • Counselling sessions will be delivered either by telephone or video communications platform, if available. No face-to-face sessions will be offered. NB this will continue to be the way the service operates even after Covid-19 restrictions are not in operation.

  • Of course, the content of all counselling sessions will remain confidential between the parties.

  • Sponsors (NCUK & TAECT) will, however, receive statistical information and reports from the service providers