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Net Natters

The Ann Edgar Trust sponsors the NET Patient Foundation ‘NET Natter Initiative’ in Scotland.

NET Natter Meetings are informal support meetings which offer an opportunity to meet with others in the (reasonably) local area who are affected by Neuroendocrine tumours - patients, carers, friends and family.

They are run by local volunteers.

There is no set format and each group can shape their meetings to suit the needs of their attendees.

We have established a very active group in Edinburgh. We meet on the 10th of every month which offers a variety of days to suit our members. Our meetings vary including purely social get-togethers, meetings on a specific relevant topic, an annual Information Day and a couple of times a year we meet for lunch. Time and venue vary so the information can be found in our newsletter and on the website.

We hope to start a NET Natter Group in Glasgow in the near future and subsequently in the other major cities. If you live outwith the main cities and would like to join in, please let us know and we should be able to arrange for you to join by Skype or Google hangouts.

Those who attend these meetings report the importance of meeting others with a similar disease since NETs are relatively unusual and ill-understood by most of the population so it is helpful to meet with others who, through their own experience, have some understanding.

To find out more, please contact our NET Natter Coordinator in Scotland:

Mrs Margaret Boe

Telephone: 0131 441 5466

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