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NET Cancer Day : Lets Talk about NETs

Today is NET Cancer Day. Find out more at NET Cancer is the FASTEST growing class of CANCER world wide and in Scotland we saw a 65% increase in cases between 2006 and 2012. We welcome the report from our friends at the Net Patient Foundation : Where is Chapter 10?.

While the Chapter 10 Report centres on the cancer strategy for England, the recommendations apply for Scotland too.

The Scottish Governments Cancer strategy "BEATING CANCER: AMBITION AND ACTION" published in March 2016 is a welcome and ambitious document which aims to tackle Cancer in Scotland. The person-centred approach which means asking not: “What’s the matter with you?”, but: “What matters to you? represents a welcome change in patient care.

NETs however is very rarely listed as a Cancer Class, which causes issues for Doctors, Researchers and Patients. Strategy, funding and research continues to concentrates on the well known cancer types

As the Lancet has recently said Neuroendocrine Tumours are emerging from the shadows.

In Scotland we generally receive excellent patient care from a band of very dedicated doctors and nurses. This however is not universal and The Ann Edgar Charitable Trust - Scotland's NET Cancer Charity continues to work with Doctors, the NHS, and other partners to ensure equitable access to services for patients across Scotland. To improve care and support patients, and their families, friends and colleagues who are having to deal with this often long term chronic disease. We will support SCONET in their bid to become an ENETs Centre of Excellence.

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